30 July 2014

Messages from Daniel: "From Behind the Iron Curtain" (Part 1)

4 Av 5774

Two messages from Daniel: A.Who kidnapped the boys? B. Who saves us from the missiles?

THE KIDNAPPERS - Message from Daniel, Tamuz 5774
(This communication was conducted a day before the notification of the discovery of the kidnapped boys.)

Abba, the poor boys, how much I cry over them. It's been over two weeks and still they haven't found them. I am very afraid for their lives, I'm very afraid for them. Abba, it's not like it appears, because, everything that happens in the world is not as it appears. How will I explain to you that it's not like you are all seeing?

For example - the IDF, historically, in 1948, from the beginning of the state, the IDF was thought to be the one who saves Am Yisrael, and it's nonsense. The IDF can be a good army, with sophisticated weapons, but everyone, from the most heretical to the most faithful knows that the first wars here in the Land, after the state arose - were only miracles. We won, B"H, only in miracles from Heaven, also in the war with Iraq, 39 scuds fell in the Land of Israel - and only one man was killed! And this person was a complete heretic. Is it not miracles...?!

The War of Independence, miracles! It wasn't the IDF. It was HKB"H. Miracles from HKB"H. The Six Days War: Every bit of it was a miracle. Everyone knows it. The Yom Kippur War - a miracle! Miracle of miracles! It started very bad, the IDF wasn't ready, more than 2,000 soldiers were killed. And, at the end of the thing - Hashem made the miracle. There are those who say because of Sharon was the victory... But, it's nonsense. It was all miracles. And miracles come only from Heaven, straight from HKB"H. All of our short history as a state - it's one big miracle. And if there wasn't an IDF - HKB"H would have saved us some other way. And the fact that the victory comes as if in a natural way, via the army - it's a deep matter of the free will that we have, but we won't go into that now.

The police - we depend upon them to protect us, but they excel at giving reports... And the pension that we've been saving for our whole life, that in a little bit, it will be revealed that there isn't a pension...  We trust in the health funds and the doctors to cure us, but we never know if they are helping us to live or to die...

The State of Israel - it's not what you are seeing. You're seeing a secular state that's not doing what needs to be done. Going against HKB"H. Right, Zionists worked the land and built tall buildings and big cities, but along with it - the corruption that existed even before the establishment of the state - celebrates. And the basis of all this state is beginning to crumble because we forgot the most important thing - that it's the holy land, and HKB"H gave it to Am Yisrael for the sake of living according to the Torah and not to live like seculars. They forgot it and now, we are a country like all the countries in the world. And we're happy with the wild behavior around the golden calf just like the nations.

In the Knesset - they're passing threatening laws against circumcision, permitting all kinds of odd couples to get married and etc. There's a war against the Chareidim, an economic war, because they want the Chareidim to disappear or become like the seculars. They want them to stop having children because they won't have money to feed them. It's a war of the seculars against the Chareidim, particularly.

And within all this balagan, and maybe someone is intentionally making all this balagan, in order that it won't be felt how the country is flooding in gentiles, and the Pope himself wants to build here a second Vatican!... He's calling the Catholics to come and to find their roots in the Galil, in Eretz Yisrael! And in the world, there are millions of Catholics and if only a million Catholics come to settle here - we have a problem...

And here, within this balagan that we have here, with all the breakdown of the state - three righteous young boys were kidnapped. Kidnapped by whom?... Some are saying it's 'Hamas', and if it really is 'Hamas' - I don't know. I know one thing: - the first Zionist leaders, more before they settled here, wanted it to be a completely secular country, a country like all the countries. Only what? At first, they couldn't show it so clearly, because then - what will they tell all the nations...  - what is our right to the Land of Israel without the Torah...? But, anyway, they were very corrupt, and until today, the corruption is celebrating, like we know from the daily news.

Here, in a country like this, which is crumbling from the corruption of its leaders - suddenly, three tzadikim disappeared! The IDF goes and checks all kinds of places, arrests all kinds of Arabs, but it's all a show. I don't know where these boys are and I'm very afraid for their fate. But, it's all a show. The leaders of the country today belong to an organization much bigger than the State of Israel and they do things according to other calculations from what we think. And therefore, I feel that it won't take much time and they will allow foreign soldiers to arrive here, soldiers who supposedly will come to 'help' us. And it won't take much time after this, that they will try to remove every reminder of the Torah, of Judaism. Maybe this surprises you, but there are many who are not surprised by it.

And these boys, I am very concerned and afraid, and I believe also that here in Eretz Yisrael there were those who knew that the kidnapping was about to happen. Why did they do it?... I don't know exactly, but first thing - the popularity of the government was already going down and they needed to show that they are 'strong' and they're fighting and they're doing something - not just thieves who are sitting in jail. And the second thing - to confuse the people, because it put fear into the people. The third thing - it helped the army to uproot the Hamas who want as many of us to die as possible. 

It's a scary world today. And in one second, everything can change, in a second it's impossible to recognize our area, our Land of Israel, our region. On the one hand - Syria, who was once our great enemy, was strong and frightening, and today - Syria is almost finished after all her wars. And on the other hand - suddenly, again threatening! Some army turns up, conquering almost all of Iraq, invading Jordan, and located 60 km from Israel's border and 100 km from Eilat!... Where did this army come from?!... From where are his weapons?... His equipment?... Thus... Suddenly... A week before we hadn't heard about them at all. And they want to rule over this whole area, including Eretz Yisrael. The world is confused. It's hard to know who belongs to what, impossible to know what a day will bring forth. Within a half hour something else scary can be in the world .

These boys were kidnapped and slowly, slowly we're forgetting them. Slowly-slowly Am Yisrael are ceasing to pray for them,  and returning to daily life as usual. Becoming accustomed to them being gone, shelo neda. The news is good for a week or so, and afterwards - yes, we're forgetting. It doesn't interest anyone. I request from HKB"H to return the children home, that there should be the mercy of Heaven on their broken parents, I request that these children will merit to receive our righteous Mashiach together with All Am Yisrael.

But, I'm afraid for Am Yisrael. It's not for nothing that they were kidnapped. It's also a message to Am Yisrael that we are not the Almighty. Only Hashem is the Almighty. it's a message that we ourselves are murdering our next generation with disgusting laws that this 'Knesset' is passing, with the Core Curriculum that we are inserting into our educational institutions, and with our lack of modesty in the streets. Hashem commands "kedoshim tihiyu" - "Be holy." And we forgot.

We can't be a Jewish state if we're not living according to the Torah. But, the secular leadership doesn't really want it to be a Jewish state, because they are going against the Jewish religion. And these children are not guilty, they are also mitzvah observant. But, the sickness has also entered into the Dati'im as well as into the Chareidim. And they need to admit to it, because Hashem is taking the righteous boys in order that we will begin to make a personal accounting, but I am afraid that the majority won't make a personal accounting. I am afraid for Am Yisrael. I know that in the near future there will be very difficult wars in all the world, and after that we will receive our righteous Mashiach.

But, until then, we're in a test, in a trial. Hashem wants that we will depend only upon Him, because already it's impossible to depend upon anyone, upon any other framework. Only upon Him.

I request from everyone: To stick to HKB"H and don't leave Him. And trust in Him. Because we are standing before the most diffcult times. To trust in Him - because this is what will save us. When we went out from Mitzrayim there wasn't enough food, but it was enough until we got the manna. Hashem made a miracle for us - and also today Hashem will make miraculous miracles, if we believe and understand that it's miracles. But, if we don't want to believe in it - oy lanu, oy lanu.

I want very much that these three children will return because they are tzadikim, they're the korbanot of the generation. And that we will get to receive our righteous Mashiach quickly in our days together with the three children who were kidnapped.

Communication with Daniel (after the discovery of the kidnapped boys)

A short time ago we received the notification that the three boys who were kidnapped were found without a spirit of life. Baruch Dayan HaEmet. They were murdered in a violent way and died as public sacrifices. They were complete tzadikim who were murdered al kidush Hashem. One thing is clear - where they have gone, it will be better for them than what will be for us, the people who are remaining here. Because we are very near the complete redemption, and we are going through now, before the end, the most difficult period. We'll need, as Jews, to hold position, because there will be very hard confusions. But, a real-Jew, who knows the truth - won't be confused. And about the three korbanot, I can only say: what we can see with the eyes, and what they're telling us about the murder - it's all a 'question mark'. And with all my strength - I can only shout: Hashem avenge their blood.

28 July 2014

"There IS a God!"

1 Av 5774
Rosh Chodesh

The following is shared on Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi's facebook page...

A true and amazing story told by Ohad Shaked:

I received a phone call on Sunday from “A,” one of the Iron Dome commanders who was a student of mine about 6 years ago. I was glad he called. “Where can a person learn Torah in Ramat Gan?” He asked me leaving me baffled being that he was far from Torah and mitzvot. "I'm going to be released in a couple of months, and I want to learn in a Yeshiva - I saw the Almighty with my own eyes!” He said, nothing more and nothing less. “What happened?” I asked him. “A Missile was fired from Gaza. The Iron Dome can detect where the missile is going to fall within a 200 meter radius. This particular Missile was heading to the Azrieli Towers, or to the railroad tracks. Either way, hundreds could have paid with their lives!

We sent the first “dome” and it missed. Then the second as well as the third dome missed, this is a very rare occurrence. To date, only two other such cases occurred. I was in shock! We had four seconds until there is no way back and the missile would hit. We had already informed and dispatched emergency services, the police and the fire department, to the location.” Then the commander spoke excitedly as I kept on listening. "Suddenly, without any preliminary design from the Iron Dome system (which calculates the possible wind currents, etc.) a strong eastern wind blew – a wind that we have no idea where it came from and cast the missile right into the sea. We were all in shock!!! I stood up and started screaming ‘There is a G-d’! ‘There is a G-d!’ ‘There is a G-d’!!! I saw this miracle with my own eyes. No one told me about it, it was not reported to me. I saw the Hand of Hashem fling the missile into the sea!

Of course this was not reported for security reasons, but it’s enough to witness the miracles with our own eyes to know there is Hashem (G-d). I ran to one of the religious soldiers and asked him to put on tefillin. I took it upon myself to keep Shabbat, and that was the very best Shabbat I have ever had.” This is what he told me. I was so excited that it even brought a tear to my eye. "Ashrecha” (praisworthy are you) I said to him, “that you merited to witness this incident and to understand that it’s from Hashem (G-d)!”


1 Av 5774
Rosh Chodesh

YWN is reporting the following...

02:44: According to a Channel 10 poll, 87 percent of the Israeli public would like Operation Protective Edge to continue, and 69 percent want Hamas to be toppled entirely. 7 percent want an immediate ceasefire. Six percent answer that they don’t know.

09:31: The Security Cabinet met into the late hours of the night. The IDF awaits instructions as to how to proceed in Gaza. It remains unclear if the ground operation will expand to eliminate Hamas’ rocket-firing abilities or if it will wrap up with the destruction of the tunnels.

The government has the vast majority of the public's support and approval for finishing the job. The army awaits it orders. Today marks a turning point in this process, just as we all knew it would. What will be in the coming pivotal hours and how might it change all of our futures?

(See Netanyahu’s dilemma: Back Obama’s save Hamas policy, or fight for its downfall with Egypt and Saudis)

27 July 2014

"Moshiach Must Be Really, Really Close"

1 Av 5774
Rosh Chodesh Av

Guest Post by יקותיאל בן יעקב

When my dear friend Ben Caspit, formerly of the lunatic fringe extremist left wing ilk writes an op-ed piece calling upon Israel to smash the Hamas enemy without mercy, not to agree to a ceasefire, and to disregard international opinion and get the job done without risking Jewish soldiers even at the expense of killing “innocent terrorist shield civilians” then you know Moshiach must be here or very near indeed.

When Yair Lapid talks about conquering all of Gaza and about looking for his grandpa’s prayer book to pray to Hashem, you know there is something new and special in the air.

When correspondent Ben Caspit today speaks about a wonderful dream that the media would not be broadcasting their nonsense that instills hysteria and fear in the hearts of the people, we are approaching the final days of redemption.

When thousands of Jews come out to Tel Aviv’s “Rabin Square” to pray, there is revolutionary and unprecedented faith and unity in the streets.

When Ofer Winter, the Chief officer in charge of the Givaati Brigade gives a speech that could have been taken straight out of the Bible to strengthen the faith and resolve of his troops before they entered Gaza, this is something new, that we have not seen since the time of the Bible. We are not speaking of an IDF Rabbi, but rather a high ranking combat officer. He made all of the soldiers say shema Yisrael and he spoke about destroying the enemies who threaten Jews and who defile the living G-d of Israel…

Haaretz and Maariv attacked Machat Givaati Ofer Winter for turning this into a religious war as they spoke, to their great dismay of the new reality of a Jewish army filled with religious zealots who are dominating the combat units, including the ranks of the officers.

When Egypt supports Israel’s military operation…

When G-d hardens the hearts of the Hamas who despite their being clobbered continue to force Israel to continue smashing them…

When Israel continues to disregard international pressure for a ceasefire…

When 40,000 fellow Jews show up for the funeral in Haifa of a lone soldier who they never met…

When Israelis start acting nice to each other and stop cutting you off on the roads as they curse you out…

When Rabbis openly speak about driving the Arab enemy out of Israel….

When the Iron Dome miraculously intercepts most of the missiles that would land in populated areas, and 3000 rockets cause almost zero harm…

When dozens of tunnels that were meant to surprise Israel and facilitate hundreds of armed terrorists launching dozens of simultaneous raids into Israel are discovered and blown up by the Israelis who had no intention of fighting this war until they were dragged into this, 18 days ago….

Two weeks ago, the average Israeli would never have supported a ground assault on Gaza…

The Targum in Isaiah 14:29 explains the reference to flying snakes as a sign of redemption. The COBRA helicopters with their insignia of a cobra snake dropping its payloads of explosives over Gaza, and the paratroopers with their flying snake symbol are living prophecy.

The insane bombing of Daniel The Prophet’s grave two days ago by Islamic fundamentalists in Iraq can be seen as yet another divine sign to add to all of the other signs about a redemption rapidly approaching. It was Daniel who tried to discover and reveal the date of the final redemption…

Yisrael Misgav of Haaretz attacked the new era that this operation has ushered it in, “Israel has been conquered with prayers”…

This is a war that has great potential to roll into the final war of redemption. Will Israel have the faith to get the job done, disregard world opinion, destroy Hamas, rid the area of any hostile enemies, liberate all of Gaza and allow the return of Jews to Gaza? If so, then clearly Moshiach is at our doorstep. If not, we will continue to respond to Arabs murdering Jews with ceasefires and wars and more bloodshed. We have reached a decisive and critical juncture in Jewish history and there is change in the air…

Will Jews in the Exile have the faith and wisdom to understand that their time is more than limited with attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions throughout the Exile, with flights being temporarily frozen? Who is to say that Jews will have an opportunity to leave when Israel really does what they ultimately must do? As the prophet Yoel says, the only refuge will be in Zion.

See Rashi in Breishit 15:9 where Rashi speaks of the Moshiach coming when Abraham will send away the Ayit, the symbol of America…Will Israel have the faith and the courage to do that today?

Regardless, it is clear that the nation of Israel is readier than ever to do so, and that if the politicians once again buckle under American pressure, there will be sever political repercussions for Bibi. Actually in as much as bringing the redemption closer, it is a no lose situation for the good Jews. Because the nation is more ready and prepared than ever to sacrifice with faith in unity.

Let us do what we can to strengthen the resolve of the nation and the leadership of Israel to fight the war the way it should be fought and to bring decisive victory with G-d’s help. Faith in G-d, not in Obama!

Rabbi Kanyevsky, on several occasions in recent weeks, including this week speaks openly and out of character about Moshiach being close and about the possibility that we will not have to fast this 9th of Av. May it be the will of G-d, Amen.

The Third Messianic War

29 Tamuz 5774
Erev Rosh Chodesh Av

There is an amazing prophecy in the Book of Yeshayahu that comprises only one pasuk, but which may very well describe what I call a "messianic war." To my mind, a "messianic war" is defined as one which brings us closer to the fulfillment of our destiny and includes the restoration of Jewish sovereignty over significant parts of our land.

For instance, the War for Independence in 1948 was the first so-called Messianic War. It brought us sovereignty over the Land of Israel once again after almost two thousands years of exile.  The Six Days War of 1967 was the second Messianic War. It restored Jewish sovereignty over Judea and Samaria and, more particularly - Jerusalem.

Are you beginning to see a pattern here? It's called "levels of kedushah." Everyone knows that the Land of Israel has more kedushah than other lands and that Jerusalem is another step up in kedushah from the Land of Israel as a whole. So, what is the next step up after that? You got it! The Temple Mount! 

It should be clear to all by now that despite the words of the revered General Mordechai Gur, a"h - "Har Habayit beyadeinu!" - it's really not. On 25 July, an Arab flag was hoisted over it and the Israeli police station there was set afire.

Therefore, the Third Messianic War should give us complete sovereignty over the Temple Mount and result in the eventual construction of the Third Temple. So, is this Third Messianic War really described by the Prophet Yeshayahu? It begins in chapter 11 and identifies the time period as being when "He will gather in the dispersed ones of Judah from the four corners of the earth." Unlike in Yeshayahu's own time, when we were divided into two kingdoms - Israel and Judah - we will be united as one people upon the land...
They will fly in unison against the Philistine (Palestinians) to the West (Gaza), and together they will plunder the people of the East ('Palestinian Territories'); their hand will extend over Edom and Moab, and their discipline over the Children of Ammon (Jordan).  (Yeshayahu 11:14)*
If I have understood correctly, The Third Messianic War will begin with the re-conquest of Gaza and will ultimately end with our occupation of Jordan. We can easily imagine how this could happen even today as some unexpected occurrence in the current conflict in Gaza expands to rioting in the 'West Bank' and moves on to Jordan where a reported 75-80% of the population identifies as "Palestinian." That country becomes destabilized and the kingdom falls and to prevent the take-over by ISIS, who is waiting in the wings, Israel must rush to fill the vacuum. 

With the Jordanian WAKF out of the picture, we will have complete sovereignty over the Temple Mount restored and we will yet again be in possession of more land area, as happened in 1967.  This will also fulfill a promise made by the Prophet Yirmiyahu...
And I will return Israel to its abode, and he will graze in the Carmel and in the Bashan; and in Mount Ephraim and in the Gilead his soul will be satiated. (Yirmiyahu 50:19)
Carmel and Mount Ephraim are on the west bank of the Jordan River. Bashan and Gilead are on the east bank of the Jordan River. See also...
...days are coming - the word of Hashem - when I will make the alarm of war heard in Rabbah [capital] of the Children of Ammon; it will become a heap of ruins and its surrounding towns will be burned down in fire; then Israel will inherit its inheritors, said Hashem. (Yirmiyahu 49:2)
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With all this in mind, can it be at all coincidental that this week's parshah also alludes to this?
See! I have given the Land before you; come and possess the Land that Hashem swore to your forefathers, to Avraham, to Yitzchak and to Yaaqov, to give them and to their children after them. (Devarim 1:8)
On this and the surrounding pasukim, the commentary says the following...
After almost a year at Mount Sinai, God gave the order to begin the journey to the Land. Among the regions listed are the lands of Ammon, Moav and Seir (Edom), ...but none of them are within the boundaries delineated in Bamidbar 34:1-12. These regions were among those promised to Avraham...and they would have been part of Eretz Yisrael if the Jews had gone directly to the Land at this point, as God commanded them. Because they sinned in the affair of the spies, however, these parts of the oath to Avraham were withheld from them. These additional lands will become part of Eretz Yisrael only with the coming of Mashiach. (The Stone Edition Chumash)
May we see it speedily and soon! And we should all bear in mind the final admonition of this week's parshah - Parshat Devarim...

You shall not fear them, for Hashem, your God - 
He shall wage war for you!
* In prophecy, directions are determined from Jerusalem.

25 July 2014

Carrying the Burden of the Holocaust

27 Tamuz 5774
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

We were a peaceful, peace-loving, culture-admiring, loyal citizenry in all the countries where we were dispersed. We improved and enriched every place where we were allowed to live. We suffered persecution and pogroms and never lifted a finger in our own defense. We just ran to the next place of refuge.

Then came the unthinkable, the unimaginable Holocaust. And finally, we stood up and said - NEVER AGAIN! 

But, in fact, it hasn't stopped. The nations dug through the ashes of the Holocaust and gathered the remnants of hatred and antisemitism and they wrapped it up into a bundle which they then strapped to our collective backs and they've made us carry it for these past seventy years with the admonition, "Now, what was done to you, you must never do to others!" 

Who could have imagined the horror of horror reflected? Of the ongoing victimization of the victim by the very crime which was perpetrated against him, as if he were guilty for what was done to him and must be punished forever?

Finally, God extended mercy to His children and brought them home again - home where we could be free at last from the whims and curses of the nations. But, the thirst for Jewish blood still was not satisfied. 

An enemy arose from our midst, sworn to our destruction, pledged to our annihilation. We were mindful of the burden of the Holocaust which the nations forced us to bear. So, we fed them and clothed them, educated and employed them and attempted to befriend them, hoping to win them over by peaceful means. And they answered our efforts with bloodshed and terror. 

"Enough!" we shouted. "Enough Jewish blood stains the earth! We will defend ourselves!" And the nations rose up en masse - those who perpetrated the Holocaust and those who stood by and watched and they shouted back: "Nazis! You're making a Holocaust!" And they reminded us of the burden we carry: "You're worse than the Nazis because it happened to you and you know what it's like. How can you do to another people what was done to you?" 

There is nothing in the world more obscene than perpetuating the Holocaust by using it as a means to force the Jews to sacrifice their own lives rather than kill the enemy who is attacking them. NOTHING!

My dear fellow Jews - THERE IS NO COMPARISON BETWEEN US AND THEM. The truth is, if the Jews had done to the Germans in Europe what the Arabs have done to the Jews in Israel, the Holocaust would have been justified. But, we didn't. And that is all the difference in the world.


To paraphrase Jewish wisdom and Jewish law: "If they come with weapons to destroy and annihilate you, rise up, take up weapons and destroy and annihilate them first." And that's really what this week's parshah is telling us - destroy them or they will destroy you.

Parshat Masei 5774 II

27 Tamuz 5774
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

Parashat Mas'ei: God's peace plan
by Daniel Pinner

Stage 1: The past

With the Children of Israel scant weeks away from entering the Land of Israel Parashat Mas’ei opens by briefly recapping the last 40 years (Numbers 33:1-49), from the Exodus from Egypt through the next 40 years of desert wanderings.

In order to live a healthy and stable national life in the Land of Israel, we have to know our past, to have a clear idea of our future destiny, and to understand our purpose in building a Jewish state. “Keep sight of three things, and you will not come into the power of sin: Know where you came from, and where you are going to, and before Whom you will one day have to give a full account” (Pirkei Avot 3:1).

This section concludes with the Children of Israel “camping by the Jordan, from Beit Yeshimot to the low-lands of the Shittim in the plains of Moab” (Numbers 33:49).

Stage 2: Preparing for the future

Hashem spoke to Moshe in the plains of Moab, facing Jericho on the Jordan, saying: Speak to the Children of Israel and say to them: When you cross the Jordan to the Land of Canaan, you shall drive all the inhabitants of the Land out before you; you shall eliminate all their houses of worship and all their molten images shall you eliminate. Thus you shall inherit the Land and dwell in it…and if you do not drive the inhabitants of the Land out before you, then those of them whom you will leave will be thorns in your eyes and thistles in your sides, and they will persecute you on the Land wherein you dwell” (Numbers 33:50-55).

For “houses of worship” (“…eliminate all their houses of worship”, v. 52) the Torah here uses the word maskiyotam. There are slightly differing opinions regarding the precise meaning of the word maskit (though all agree that it is something used in idol worship). Our translation “houses of worship” follows both the Targum Onkelos and the Targum Yonatan, which render beit sig’dat’hon (“their houses of worship” in Aramaic), from the Aramaic root seged (“bow in worship”).

There is a parallel Arabic root, sajid (“to bow in worship”), from which derives the Arabic word masjid (“place of worship,” hence “mosque”).

Rashi amplifies that the word maskiyotam is to be understood “according to the Targum – their houses of worship, which are given this name because [the idolaters] would cover [sakhakh, the root of maskit] the ground with a floor of marble stones, upon which they would bow down with hands and feet outstretched”.

This is the most fundamental issue of the struggle between the Nation of Israel and all other nations who occupy the Land of Israel: it is the conflict between the God of Israel and the false gods of those nations, and as such it is the essence of Kiddush Hashem (sanctification of the Name of God). For the houses of worship of the inhabitants of the Land to remain – even when they themselves have been vanquished – entails their false gods to remain; the destruction of their houses of worship by the people of Israel at the command of the God of Israe is the essence of the might and the supremacy of the God of Israel.

Stage 3:Interpretation

The Ohr ha-Chayim (Rabbi Chayim ben Atar, Morocco and Israel, 1696-1743) comments on the words “…you shall drive all the inhabitants of the Land out before you”: “Since the Torah (Deuteronomy 20:16) commands, concerning the seven Canaanite nations, that ‘you shall not allow any soul to remain alive,’ it is apparent that here the Torah speaks of other nations than those seven Canaanite nations who were here then. So the Torah is precise in its wording, specifying that we are to ‘drive out all the inhabitants of the Land’ – saying that this applies even to those inhabitants who are not of the seven Canaanite nations”.

And he gives the reason for expelling all the inhabitants when commenting on the words “they will harass you on the Land wherein you dwell”: “Not only will they cling to that part of the Land that you did not merit to conquer; but even in those parts of the Land that you did merit to conquer and wherein you dwell they will persecute you, saying: Get up, get out from our midst”.

The Ohr ha-Chayim continues: “The word al (‘on,’ in the phrase ‘they will persecute you on the Land’) means ‘because of’, as in the verse ‘because (al) you did not sanctify Me’ (Deuteronomy 32:51)”. That is to say, the Ohr ha-Chayim renders this verse: “If you do not drive out the inhabitants of the Land before you, then those of them whom you leave will become thorns in your eyes and thistles in your sides, and they will harass you because of the Land”. We will be harassed, massacred, persecuted, blown apart, barraged by rockets, because of the Land to which we are disloyal.

Stage 4: Implementation

It is the summer of 5708 (1948), and the newly-independent State of Israel is fighting for its very existence. Its fledgling army is almost unable to procure arms, due to embargoes imposed by Britain and the USA. Five Arab countries – Transjordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq – attack and invade, bolstered by several brigades of volunteers from the armies of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, and Pakistan.These countries proudly proclaim their intention to exterminate every Jew in Israel.

Inside Israel are over 500,000 Arab residents, most of whom have arrived over the last 60 years from all over the Middle East, attracted by the higher standard of living brought about first by the Jewish restoration of the Land, and added to since 1917 by modern European efficiency in governing after British forces defeated the corrupt, primitive, and venal Ottoman Empire.

Most of those Arab residents will flee immediately before the War of Independence officially begins, some after brief fighting, many without ever even seeing a Jewish soldier. The areas from which they flee – Jaffa, Haifa, Beer Sheva, Lod, Ramleh, villages around Jerusalem such as Ein Kerem and Malha, much of the Galilee, and others – will be absorbed painlessly into the Jewish State.

On Friday, 12th Tishrei 5709 (15th October 1948), the Givati, Negev, and Yiftach Brigades, commanded by Colonel Yigal Allon, begin Operation Yoav, an offensive whose objective is to capture part of the south of the country – specifically the areas bordering the Gaza Strip – from the occupying Egyptian forces. During an 8-day campaign, they capture Beer Sheva and the surrounding region.

With much of the Negev Desert still under Egyptian occupation, the IDF launches Operation Horev on Wednesday 20th Kislev (22nd December), whose objective is to capture the rest of the Negev Desert.

Within a week, Allon has broken the last of the Egyptian pockets of resistance in the Negev Desert. With his rear secured and his flanks safe, the Gaza Strip, lying on his homeward path, is an attainable – if difficult – objective. But because Allon’s orders do not explicitly include the capture of Gaza (even though his troops had launched raids against Khan Yunis, Gaza City, Rafah, and a few other targets), he hurried to Jerusalem to ask for permission to capture the Gaza region.

The highest-ranking politician whom Allon found in Jerusalem was Foreign Minister Moshe Shertok, who lacked the authority to authorise the capture of Gaza. Allon rushed to Tiberias, where Acting Prime Minister David Ben Gurion was resting. Ben Gurion refused Allon permission to capture Gaza, claiming US pressure.

As a consequence, Gaza will remain under Egyptian control after the War of Independence is over. Two decades later, in 5727 (1967), Egypt will launch and lead a pan-Arab war of genocide against Israel, and as a consequence will lose Gaza (and the entire Sinai Desert) to Israel.

But for the next 47 years, though Israel will retain control (at different times complete control, de facto control, partial control, or only indirect control) over the Gaza Strip, the hostile and growing population will remain there. No leader of Israel will obey the Torah imperative to “drive all the inhabitants of the Land out before you…eliminate all their houses of worship”.

As a result the hostile population will remain in Gaza.

As the Ohr ha-Chayim said: Not only do they cling to the Gaza Strip, the part of the Land that we did not merit to conquer; but even in those parts of the Land that we did merit to conquer and wherein we dwell they persecute us, saying: Get up, get out from our midst.

We left the inhabitants of the Land in Gaza – and the consequence is rockets on the entire country, from Eilat to Haifa. And as long as they remain there, the range and power and frequency of those rockets will only increase; and the tunnels which are designed to bring these genocidal enemies undetected into the heart of our towns and villages will inevitably become longer and more frequent and more advanced.

And the latest experience is that beit sig’dat’hon – their houses of worship – have virtually all become weapon-storage sites and places of refuge, which Israel dares not bomb from afar or send soldiers into.

Stage 5: Peace for the future

“You shall eliminate all their houses of worship…thus you shall inherit the Land and dwell in it” (Numbers 33:52-53). The S’forno (Rabbi Ovadyah S’forno, Italy, c.1470-1550) expounds: “‘Thus you shall inherit the Land’ – by burning out the inhabitants of the Land, and then you will merit to bequeath the Land to your children. And if you do not burn them out, then even though you will conquer the Land, you will not merit to bequeath it to your children”.

Indeed, so long as these deadly enemies remain on the Land, we are in danger of losing even those areas which we thought were long-since ours. How many Jews today dare walk through the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem’s Old City? When was the last time a Jew dared walk through such parts of Jerusalem as Jebel Mukhabber, Beit Hanina, or Beit Safafa?

Does Israel really have sovereignty today over the Arab-occupied sections of Jaffa and Haifa? Over the Arab-occupied villages dotted throughout the Galilee? Those areas which Israel conquered in the War of Independence, but in which, through a misplaced mercy, we allowed the inhabitants of the Land to remain – did the generation of independence merit to bequeath those areas to their children?

Thousands of years ago the Torah already told us how to conquer the Land of Israel, and how to bring peace to it. Hundreds of years ago, our great Sages interpreted the Torah in perfect harmony with tomorrow’s headlines.

Stage 6: Conclusion

In the 37th Psalm, King David admonishes us not to envy evil people for their apparent success, because their fortune is but illusory and temporary: “because they will be mown down as swiftly as the grass, and as the green herb they will wither away” (Psalms 37:2).

Whose prosperity is genuine, even though it be delayed? – “Evildoers will be cut off, while those who hope for Hashem – they will inherit the Land… The humble will inherit the Land, and they will exult in the abundance of peace” (v. 11). The Ibn Ezra (Rabbi Avraham Ibn Ezra, Spain, Morocco, England, Israel, and France, 1092-1167) defines “the humble” in this context as “the opposite of the wicked”. And the Radak (Rabbi David Kimchi, France, c.1160-c.1235) amplifies: “The humble who were humiliated by the wicked – they will inherit the Land when the wicked are destroyed. ‘And they will exult in the abundance of peace’, because through the destruction of the wicked there is peace and joy in the world, as it says ‘at the destruction of the wicked there is joyful song’ (Proverbs 11:10)”.

Parshat Masei 5774

27 Tamuz 5774
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

Parashat Masei - Thorns in our sides - Rabbi Meir Kahane

"But if you do not drive out the inhabitants of the Land before you, those of them whom you leave shall be barbs in your eyes and thorns in your sides, and they will harass you upon the Land in which you dwell. And it shall be that what I had meant to do to them, I shall do to you." (Num. 33:55-56)

Regarding Eretz Yisrael [...], non-Jews are divided up into only two groups. The first is non-Jewish nations who were in the Land when Israel arrived there to conquer and occupy it. The second is all the rest of the non-Jewish nations, including idolaters, descendants of Noah, and foreigners and alien residents. The Torah saw a twofold danger in the nations who dwelt in the Land before Israel arrived to conquer it, namely the seven Canaanite nations. On the one hand, like all the nations, the Canaanites constituted a spiritual danger to Israel, who had been commanded to establish a Divine, Torah-oriented state in Eretz Yisrael, isolated and set apart from the abominations of alien cultures. Moreover, the Canaanites posed a unique danger in that they viewed Israel as conquerors who had taken their land. They would hate Israel forever and would forever dream of revenge and seek opportunities for reconquest.

Following is the great commentator Abarbanel (on Ex. 34:11-12): Verses 11-12 inform us that since G-d is driving out the Amorites and the other nations, it is improper for Israel to forge a covenant with them. If a nobleman helps someone by fighting his battles and banishing his enemies, it is morally inappropriate for that person to make peace with them without that nobleman's permission. So, too, with G-d driving out Israel's enemies, it is inappropriate for Israel to forge a covenant with them, for that would profane G-d's glory. This is especially so considering that this friendship and this covenant will not succeed. With Israel having taken their land, there is no doubt that they will constantly seek Israel's downfall. This is why it is said, “[the land] where you are coming.” Since Israel came to the land and took it from its inhabitants, and they feel that is has been stolen from them, how will they make a covenant of friendship with you? Rather the opposite will occur. “They will be a fatal trap for you.” When war strikes you, they will join your enemies and fight you. How exalted and true are Abarbanel's words! This is the real reason for the approach taken by Halachah to the seven nations. G-d understood the mentality of these nations. He knew that they would view Israel as conquerors and thieves and would forever relate to them with resentment and hatred. The Torah explicitly commanded, at least regarding driving out the Land's inhabitants, because if they remain via a peace treaty, they will become “barbs in your eyes... causing you troubles in the Land.” (Num. 33:55). Not in vain are the words “yerushah” - inheritance, and “horashah”- driving out, so similar in Hebrew. G-d knew that without driving out the nations of the Land, the Land would not be an inheritance for them. Rashi explained the same way: (on Num, 33:52-53): “Vehorashtem”: Drive them out. “Vehorashtem et ha'aretz”: If you first “clear out the Land of its inhabitants”, then - “viyeshavtem bah” - you will be able to survive in it. Otherwise, you will be unable to survive in it.

And Or HaChaim writes (Ibid., v. 55): “They shall cause you troubles in the land” (Num. 33:55): Not only will they hold on to the part of the land that you have not taken, but the part which you have taken and settled as well. “They shall cause you trouble” regarding the part that you live in, saying, “Get up and leave it.” It follows that those same laws that applied to the seven nations apply to all the nations that live in Eretz Yisrael in every age. This includes those of our day, who view Eretz Yisrael as their own land and soil, and who view the Jewish People as a nation of conquerors, robbers and thieves. That same danger looms over the Jewish People and its control over Eretz Yisrael in our time as then. After all, what difference is there as far as G-d's warning that “those who remain shall be barbs in your eyes and thorns in your sides, causing you troubles in the Land” (Num. 33:55), between the seven nations and between any nation that dwells in the Land, views it as its own, and then Israel come and conquer it from them? Surely, it will feel that same hatred and that same fierce will for revenge as did the seven nations, as explained by Abarbanel (quoted above).

What does that mean for us and for today's situation in Israel?

As Rav Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane points out in his commentary on the Parashah: While it is true that the national religious movement in Israel has put forth great efforts in the fulfilling of the mitzvah «Yishuv Ha'Aretz» (the settling of the Land), it is important to point out that they are familiar with only half of the mitzvah. For the mitzvah of «Yishuv Ha'Aretz» has two sides to it. Well known to us all is the first side — the establishing of settlements. That's the «nice» part of the mitzvah. But it is the other side that has been totally ignored by those who proudly wave the banner of «Yishuv Ha'Aretz». [...]Settling the Land and expelling the gentiles in it are not only two sides of the same mitzvah, but each side is actually dependent on the other. The Torah constantly warns us about the impossibility of fulfilling just half of the mitzvah: «If you do not drive out the inhabitants of the Land from before you, those who remain shall be barbs in your eyes and thorns in your sides, causing you troubles in the Land you settle» (Num. 33:55) Another settlement is not the answer to the Arab terror, but rather the Arab terror is the result of our being content with making settlements and not completing the entire mitzvah.

[As Rabbi Meir Kahane points out in an early article from 1973, asides from all-out war and forced expulsion, there is an additional, maybe intermediate, way to fulfill the mitzvah of expelling the gentiles – offering them the option of voluntary transfer with financial incentives]: The majority of Arabs will not agree to leave Israel under any circumstances, but sizable numbers — more than we think — will, IF THEY ARE GIVEN SUFFICIENT INCENTIVE. It is up to those who wish to save Israel from a disastrous crisis that will lead to who-knows-what, to furnish that incentive and to ignore the false protests of ignorant and equally false «liberalism». [...] So let us ignore those who are «overly righteous» and speak of the need for a PRIVATE body of wealthy and influential Jews to set up the machinery for an ongoing emigration fund with an initial capitalization of at least 20 million dollars. I emphasize that this is only the initial funding, for the emigration fund will, hopefully, require much more than this. These same people should also begin the task of contacting governments of states that are underpopulated of in need of manpower for their own self-interest as well as for the purpose of defusing the time bomb that is the Arab population of the Land of Israel. Governments should also be discreetly asked how much they would be willing to contribute to this fund, which would do more to solve the Middle East problem than all the United Nations plans yet created. A careful table should be drawn up — based on living conditions in different countries and the size of families — so as to ascertain how much should be allotted to individuals and families who would wish to emigrate. With a fund of money, with visas, with exact charts, the Arabs — and here I stress that this plan would be offered to both the Arabs of pre-1967 Israel and those of the liberated lands — would then be approached and offered a sizable sum (more than enough to begin a fresh life) to emigrate to the country of their choice (within the list of states that has agreed to take them in). Most people prefer not to discuss unpleasant subjects such as Arab emigration or time bombs. The problem of ignoring a bomb arises from the fact that it simply does not lie there. Eventually it explodes.

[The latter proposal is not so far-fetched: In December 12 2008, the left-wing Haaretz newspaper website published an article stating that «A Palestinian poll released on Thursday showed that 40 percent of the residents of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip wish to emigrate, compared to 25 percent in the West Bank.» 

[Source: compiled by Tzipora Liron-Pinner from “The Jewish Idea” and “Beyond Words, Vol. 1, 'Defusing the Bomb'” of Rabbi Meir Kahane HY”D and from “The Writings of Rav Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane, HY”D”]

Tzipora Liron-PinnerGiven the present sensitive situation in Israel, I feel compelled to add the following legal disclaimer: This article relates to the weekly Parasha and is posted for purposes of study. This week's Parasha (Masei) deals with the problematic relationship between the nation of Israel and the seven Canaanite nations and other gentiles in the Land of Israel. The article explores the opinion of Rabbi Meir Kahane and Rav Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane on the matter. The article is absolutely NOT meant to encourage any readers to resort to individual acts of violence, vigilantism, racism or any activity that is against the law.