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02 September 2014

"In a Generation That is All Innocent or All Guilty"

8 Elul 5774

From Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi's Facebook Page...

Chazal tell us that Moshiach will only come in a generation that is Kulo Zakkai or Kulo Chayav completely innocent and worthy, or completely guilty with not a morsel of good. Under these criteria it is hard to see Moshiach coming. "Completely good" sounds like a fantasy and not something we can imagine in today's world. Similarly we see so much good and so many wonderful people that it is equally incomprehensible to imagine a generation without a single good person. So what do Chazal mean?

Rav Elya Weintraub says that the Chofetz Chaim explains as follows. "All innocent" and "all guilty" does not mean that everyone is on the same side of the fence. It just means that everyone sits squarely on one side of the fence. In order for the Moshiach to come the world must be completely polarized. Everyone must choose where they belong, with Hashem or Chas V'Shalom the opposite.

Adam HaRishon was created perfectly good. The element of evil in the world was the snake who stood outside of Adam. Good and bad were separate and clearly defined. When Adam ate from the Eitz HaDaas the boundaries became murky, and good and bad became mixed together. Each person is good and bad at the same time. The face of evil and righteousness look the same to us and we can't tell who is who. We ourselves aren't really sure who we are. Sometimes we are good and sometimes less so. Moshiach won't come until the two sides are clearly divided and everyone knows where they belong, inside or outside. Moshiach's arrival will be the final showdown between good and evil.

People complain that our society is becoming polarized. The "middle ground" is disappearing. Clearly in a sense this is good news, and the best sign yet that Moshiach is on his way. Make sure you are standing on the right side of the fence. The most intriguing part of all is that when Moshiach does arrive, we may be pretty surprised to see who is on each side. The truth will be revealed and it will have nothing to do with our exterior appearance. Moshiach will peer deep within each person's heart and he can't be fooled!

Path to Intermarriage and Assimilation This Way

7 Elul 5774

Ask any Orthodox religious Jew if intermarriage or assimilation is allowed by Torah and I'll bet 100% would answer correctly - a resounding "NO!"*

But, when it comes to taking the path that leads to intermarriage and assimilation, at the end of which is waiting the shmad of the Jewish nation, many Orthodox religious Jews have decided that it's ok to go a little ways down that path a long as we control how far we go and stop just in time before the forbidden happens.

Any sane, logical, reasoning person who is interested in self-preservation needs no book or source or authority to tell him that if the end of the path is to be avoided, do not start down that path. That is the purpose of erecting "fences" around the Torah. But, these people are tearing down every fence and barrier and they're skating right on the edge.

Unfortunately for the Jewish nation, it appears that we are riddled to our core with insane, illogical and unreasonable people who insist on taking this risk and putting their neighbors at risk as well. Who can understand their motivation? Regardless of what it is, it is wrong, wrong, wrong and cannot be condoned. In fact, they must be opposed at every turn.

Because, you see the HaYovel volunteers are not just working in the vineyards. They've been invited to join in and participate in social and religious activities among the Jews of the Shomron:

HaYovel volunteers attend hachnasat sefer Torah in Itamar

HaYovel volunteers attend Sukkot celebration in Har Brachah
(One young member of their group was a featured speaker at the event)

HaYovel volunteers dance with the vineyard owner Avigdor Sharon
(Read his "love" letter to HaYovel. And yes, the practice of Avodah Zarah is still attractive and feels very good. That's what inspires people to engage in it.)

As a follow-up to Xians Don't Change Their Spots, They Just Disguise Them, I'm including here further proof of the real agenda which was written as a comment to a different blog post.


Artist in Christian Testimony International website lists the Waller Family with the following description of their ministry: "We are dedicated as a family to sharing the gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) by serving the people of Israel within the agricultural settlements and Kibbutzim. We believe that we are living in, what has been prophesied as, the end times. When the Spirit of Elijah will be poured out on the earth. My wife Sherri and I have 11 children. It is with this (Elijah) anointing that we are to help build a bridge for others who are going to come and serve."


Tommy Waller, with the help of gullible (greedy?) Jews built a bridge and the Bowling Family came across. They've been in Israel with HaYovel volunteering for several years. Here is how they described the work they did during one of those tours...

"We spoke to many people and told them about Yeshua. We still have ongoing outreach to two of the people we met there. ...I have spent over 35 hours sharing with Gabriel [a shopkeeper in Jerusalem] Pray that he will receive Yeshua as his Messiah." (And they give several other similar examples of proselytizing)

This couple, who have their own ministry in America, were handpicked by Tommy Waller to replace him and his wife one year as leaders of HaYovel. On their ministry home page, the first line says: "Yeshua is Yahweh King of Kings, the Creator of the Universe." (Mark 16 Ministries)

In the Torah it is written: "You shall not intermarry with them; you shall not give your daughter to his son, and you shall not take his daughter for your son".1

In the Prophets it is written: "And that we shall not give our daughters to the peoples of the land, and we shall not take their daughters for our sons."2

In Jewish Law it is written: "The Torah forbids a Jew to enter a marital relationship with a non-Jew; be it a Jewish man to a non-Jewish women, or a Jewish woman to a non-Jewish man".3

It is evident (both in theory, and statistically) that when Jews marry non-Jews it is unlikely for there to be Jewish continuity. The Torah is a "realist". Thus, as part of its mission to guide Jews in perpetuating Judaism, the Torah prohibits intermarriage.

1. Deuteronomy 7:3
2. Nehemiah 10:31
3. Maimonidies laws of Forbidden Relationships 12:1

(Source: Ask Moses)

01 September 2014

Xians Don't Change Their Spots, They Just Disguise Them

6 Elul 5774

Despite premature reports of its demise, replacement theology is alive and well and running rampant all over the Holy Land. 

Xians believe, based on the claims of their book, the so-called New Testament, that those Jews who rejected Yeshu as Savior/Son of God/Messiah were like branches who were broken off of the olive tree of Israel and were "replaced" by wild branches (the gentile Xians) who were then grafted into these spots. They are taught that they are the true seed of Abraham and his spiritual children and, as such, they are entitled to all of the rights and privileges of inheritance that the status accords, including the promise of the land.

While we've always had to deal with their best efforts to convert us, not since the Crusades have we had to defend our land from the grasping hands of Xians. But, today, so-called lovers of Israel and the Jewish people* have set their eyes on our holy land and they are coming to claim it.

It's interesting how the very people who are most threatened by their aims - the Jews of the settlements in Judea and Samaria - are their staunchest defenders and allies. (See previous post.) 

The Waller Family and the HaYovel volunteers are a perfect example of the modern-day crusader: they want to "witness" to you of the gospel in hopes of saving your soul while at the same time attempting to gain a foothold in the land with the hope of taking it over at some not-too-distant time.

Whenever we make these claims, their Jewish defenders and enablers jump up and yell "Where is the proof?!" 

Well, here is the proof.

Quoting from Esav Exposed: "Mike Clayton is a 'Hebrew roots' teacher (formerly called 'messianic'). He served as a spiritual advisor and teacher to the Hayovel group while they were in Israel in 2012 and 2013. He believes, as do Hayovel volunteers and other so called xian zionists, that he is part of the people of Israel and that the land of Israel is his home and inheritance.

Below, find a partial transcript of a video which you can view in full here of Mike Clayton (with Tommy Waller in attendance) making these points specifically to the 2012 group of HaYovel volunteers:

"We are grafted in and adopted into the nation of... " [pause for the audience to respond with] "...Israel!"

[Standing overlooking the Temple Mount and speaking on the too-soon return to their homes in America] 

"...the reality is...for now, we are gonna have to go to a foreign country because now, here is home, here is home." ["Amens" from the group] "Wherever you live in the world in the Diaspora, that's now gonna be a foreign country."

[Quoting from the NT - Yeshu accusing the city of Jerusalem of having unjustly stoned the prophets God sent to them] "Now, this is not everyone, ok? Don't lump everybody that was in this city into this. This is religion that did this, ok and it's still doing it today." *

[Continuing to quote from the NT on Yeshu's admonition to his followers:] " need to be my witnesses" and it goes on and says uh, you know in Tulsa, in London, uh, and it says uh, I think it's like uh, Judea and the Shomron and then to New Zealand [big grin on his face] Right? But, it has to start where? [Pointing to where he is standing overlooking the Temple Mount] Right here! Because the message is right here! The root is right here! Alright?..."

You'll notice I starred (*) two places that I wanted to refer back to here at the end. It must be understood that despite the fact that these new crusaders profess to love Israel and the Jewish people, it's not what you think. They find commonality with the State of Israel because it is an appendage of Xian America at the current time. As soon as it ceases to be a western-style democracy and becomes instead a Torah-based state as God intends, this "love" will quickly turn to animosity and then outright hatred. You can see a hint of that in his remark "it's still doing it today." He is referring to those Jews who in the name of Judaism oppose them. 

Which brings me to my next point. These new crusaders find common cause with religious Zionists living on the land because of their obsession with laying claim to their land inheritance. They imagine themselves sharing the Jewish settler's love of the Land of Israel. However, they bear no 'love' for either the "liberal" materialistic American Jew or cosmopolitan European Jew or equally, the black-hatted Chareidi Jews. Because it is not Jews that they love, but the similarity and commonality that they find with the religious Zionist Jews. And not least because they think the settler Jews are the ones most likely to convert to Yeshu.

Finally, the remark that it was not, after all, inidividuals who rejected Yeshu, but a religion that was to blame, only serves to emphasize that while they claim to love "Israel," they still have the antisemite's hatred of Judaism.

Stay Updated on Xian Infiltration in Samaria

6 Elul 5774

You may recall that I first addressed the issue of Tommy Waller's HaYovel and its Xian infiltration into the Jewish communities of the Shomron in August of 2009 - How much trouble can be made by "unfaithful men?"  (For the many follow-up articles just search the name Waller on this blog or at Esav Exposed.)

Fellow blogger Donny Fuchs published his own expose on this issue in the Jewish Press and it has erupted into a full-fledged war - one of those famous battles for hearts and minds that we frequently talk about here. If you have the time and sechel and inclination to join in, just work your way through the following links and contribute to the discussion in the comments.

Esau Rising: The War Against The Jewish Soul
Fuchs Descending
Standing With Those Who Stand With Israel

I understand another Fuchs article is in the works, so stay tuned.

Also, for those in Israel, a conference on this subject is planned for 7:30 pm on 10 September 2014 in the city of Ariel in the Shomron at the Eshel Shomron Hotel. Already, wicked Jews have contacted the hotel on behalf of their beloved Xian friends to threaten the hotel with cancellations and loss of revenue from their Xian patrons if this conference is not called off. Your support is really needed, now more than ever.

31 August 2014

Message from Moishela: "When The Final Curtain Comes Down"

6 Elul 5774


Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
10 Tamuz 5774 (July 7, '14)

"When The Final Curtain Comes Down"

There‘s no business like show business! Don’t you get the feeling that we’re living in a play? From one minute to the next we don’t know what’s going to happen. In the morning there’s big news. Mid-morning there’s more news. Nighttime could be a big bang of news, and it goes on and on like that. Sometimes we have a relatively quiet period, but that’s always followed by unbelievable, strange news that we never would have dreamed of.

The times that we are seeing now, are very much like what’s written in the Nevuas, and I would imagine that most of us feel that it’s a sign that Moshiach is almost here, and it is. However, something is going on that we don’t understand, because things took a dramatic turn from the moment that the twin towers fell. From that moment strange and disastrous things have become everyday events. By the time one unbelievable happening happens, the next one is exploding. We all feel it. We all feel fear. We feel emptiness in our hearts. Life has lost much of its taste, especially the Gashmiusdik life. Air travel has become a frightening thing, and if not frightening then very degrading, especially when you have to go through x-rays that show a person without clothes on, where everybody that’s traveling could take a peek, and if you don’t agree to do that then you are open to a physical search which is very very degrading.

We’ve become a world without happiness, without the Gashmiusdik frivolous Simcha and the true deep Simcha. We have become a world of confused people not quite finding our direction. We keep doing the things that we are used to doing, but it doesn’t seem to have meaning, and the road doesn’t seem to lead to anywhere in particular. We can’t plan things like we once did. We used to plan that in six months exactly we’re going to the dentist. We could plan ahead of time where our three year olds are going to go to college or what they would learn. Today people are empty and are afraid. Money is hard to come by except for those eighty-five people in the world that own more than half of the wealth of the world. For the rest of us it’s just an everyday struggle to borrow more money and more money. We are getting into a major rut full of fear and nervousness, full of being frightened for our children and worried for our future, and this is felts all over the world.

Here in Eretz Yisroel we have been in the last few weeks dealing with tragedy after tragedy. First there were many traffic accidents, many children drowning in swimming pools in their own homes, and many other terrible things, but when those three boys were kidnapped and then found murdered in the worst way, and before they were murdered there was a young single woman murdered in a terribly cruel way, this has brought us to some kind of sober reality that tells us that we are in big trouble. How could Jewish young men, Jewish boys kill an Arab boy in such a cruel way. It’s a big shock for a Jew to feel that another Jew could kill like that, burning him alive. True it’s a war, but still how could it be in our generation that a Yid could kill in such a cruel way, even though the Arab is the enemy?

Well the first thing I will tell you is that the Nevuas and what is happening today coincide exactly. It’s interesting how Hashem makes His world. We all know that eighty five people control most of the world’s wealth. They control the wealth and that means they control the world. Besides those people, there’s a whole group of people who have all kinds of strategic positions in order Chas Vesholom to bring this world under the control of the Reshaim. These Reshaim are Edomites, and they don’t like the Arabs, and they don’t like the Jews. The Jews they can tolerate if we agree to be like them. However we’re not like them, and never will be. They have with all of their wealth and control of the world, almost brought all the Arab countries to their knees, not by coming in with the armies of Europe and America etc., but by causing inner strife. They write the script and they provide the players and they are sure that they’re controlling the world. They are very informed about the Nevuas, and they are going exactly according to them, and this makes everyone feel, rightfully so, that all the Nevuas are coming out true. Therefore, everyone is having thoughts about Olam Haba, about Hakodosh Boruch Hu, and for the non-believers maybe the beginning of faith, but the plan ends there, ends where the prophecies continue, and at that point they go in different ways because the plan of the Edomites is to control Eretz Yisroel and to sit in Jerusalem and to rule the world from here and that brings us to what’s happening today.

You feel like you’re in a play, like everything has been thought out. Even the murders have been thought out. Did Arabs do it? Did someone else do it? Is everything really true? Somehow all the stories we are told have holes in them, don’t seem exactly correct like many things that happened in the United States. If we go back over history, we can find these discrepancies in many places. We feel we’re in a play. We feel that a script has been written, actors chosen, and in many cases they’re not very good actors, but it’s a deadly, deadly show. The leading actors of the show are murderers. Blood is shed and they are going to try to take over Medinas Yisroel. Eretz Yisroel is the main point of the world for the three main religions. Of course Eretz Yisroel was promised by Hashem only to the Jews and not to the Goyim, only to the Jews and it will stay only for the Jews, so any Edomite that thinks they are going to come and rule here is going to have a very very big surprise. Until now Hashem has let them do what they wanted to do. He has let them plan and succeed, even though it was almost impossible for them to succeed, but Hashem has let them succeed.

At one point they are not going to make it anymore. They are going to fall apart. Hashem is going to punish them. They’re going to realize what they’ve done wrong. They are going to realize that the Satan isn’t Hakol Yachol. He’s only a creation of Hakol Yachol, of Hakodosh Boruch Hu, and because he is a creation of Hakodosh Boruch Hu, he can’t do what he wants. He is only a creation of Hakodosh Boruch Hu, like all of us, like the whole world, like everything in the whole universe, and only Hashem decides when, it will end. The Devil, or the Yetzer Horah, or the Malach Hamaves, or the Satan whatever you want to call him, (he has many names,) will be chopped up into pieces so-to-speak, and recycled in different points of creation, so his parts become positive, but the Yetzer Hara will disappear, and the Reshoim will disappear, but not before they are punished in the worst way.

Now Am Yisroel I beg you. Now that I have given this historical background up to this point, I beg you open your eyes. Don’t you see what they are trying to do to us here in Eretz Yisroel? They’re trying to make us Goyim, and that will be the final solution Chas Vesholom. They are trying to do it with all kinds of plays, with all kinds of actions to make us not believe, Chas Vesholom, in Hakodosh Boruch Hu. They are trying to confuse us. They’re trying to bring Goyim here in the thousands, to make us like Goyim. They’re pushing their money into our Gemachim, into our Shuls, into our Yeshivas, into our Kollels so we will be dependent on them. They’re gathering information about us so that they can come after us whenever they feel like, and most of all they are trying to change our religion. They are trying to take from us the Bris Milah. They are trying to take from us the Kiddushin of marriage. They’re trying to force us to be Chilonim, to be either without a religion or accept their own created religion. They are trying to force you to go in their way by giving you what you want the most money, food, whatever you need. True they’ve also caused us a very difficult time financially throughout the whole world. It seems now, also in Eretz Yisroel, that we were saved almost for the last. We didn’t have financial troubles until lately and now we are at the top of the list for everything, because they are ready to take over. They are building apartments, luxury apartments for their people here in Israel. They’re building buildings and shopping centers and trains and train tracks and all kinds of things that they have money for. The light rail was built to make it easier to get around the city of Jerusalem that has always been the center of the world, the center of the heart of every human being, Hashem’s center, where they want to come and sit instead of Hakol Yachol, instead of the Shechina, Chas Vesholom, but it won’t happen, it won’t happen!

So Am Yisroel be strengthened. Come closer to Hashem. The Gashmius is going to fall very much, but don’t be afraid because Hashem is with us, and those who are with Him, He will be with them. As I have said many times, no Jewish Neshoma will be lost. If you trust in the idols of this world, and if you trust in the Egel Hazahav, then of course, it will be much harder for you to do complete Teshuva, but if you trust Hashem nothing will harm you. He will take care of you completely, whether you need food or clothing or a place to live, warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. Do not worry. He only is Hakol Yachol. He can defeat any army. He can stop any atomic bomb. He can do anything, and we are His children that He loves particularly, His favorite sons and daughters. Don’t be afraid. We will survive. We will survive and they will not. When the final curtain comes down on this grotesque play that the Reshoim have written, we will go into Olam Habah of Moshiach, into eternity and they will disappear totally from the stage of this world and of all the worlds.

Idol Worshippers Have No Olam Haba

6 Elul 5774

(Unless they do teshuvah.)  This is a very, very severe sin. Most people are lenient with themselves and others on this, but Hashem is not so forgiving when it comes to His sovereignty.

29 August 2014

Parshat Shoftim 5774 II

3 Elul 5774
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

Parashat Shoftim: Sanctifying the Name of God
by Daniel Pinner

“In the event that in any one of your gates which Hashem your God gives you, there should be found a man or a woman who does the evil in the eyes of Hashem your God, to transgress His Covenant by going and worshipping other gods and bowing to them, and to the sun or the moon or any of the host of Heaven which I have not commanded; and it will be told to you, and you will hear about it. Then you will investigate thoroughly, and if – behold! – it is true, the matter is correct, this abomination has been committed in Israel, then you will take out that man or that woman, who have done this evil thing, to your gates – the man or the woman – and you shall pelt them with stones, so that they will die” (Deuteronomy 17:2-5).

The Ramban picks up on the phrase “in any one of your gates which Hashem your God gives you…”, and states: “This does not mean that this applies solely in the Land of Israel, because even one who worships [idols] outside of Israel is stoned. Rather, the Torah’s intention here is to say that if this occurs in even the most distant of cities that Hashem gives you ‘when He will enlarge your borders’ (Deuteronomy 19:8)…then regardless of which city you are in when you hear about it, investigate the matter thoroughly; and when you know that it is true, then you shall take them out to the gate [of the same city] in which they worshipped [the idol], and there you shall stone them” (Commentary to Deuteronomy 17:2).

The Ramban proceeds to explain that the phrase “this abomination has been committed in Israel” does not mean “in the Land of Israel”, but rather “among the nation of Israel”.

And he continues: “Furthermore, the Torah had to say ‘in any one of your gates’ to teach that he is to be stoned at the self-same gate at which he worshipped [the idol]; this applies in the Land of Israel, because outside of the Land of Israel he is to be stoned at the gate of the court-house in which he was judged… And in truth, it is quite conceivable that [the Torah] mentions the phrase ‘in any one of your gates’ because it says ‘to transgress His Covenant’ – and this is the abomination that has been committed in Israel: the Torah informs you that the Covenant is in ‘the Land of the Covenant’ [quoting Ezekiel 30:5]; but one who lives outside of Israel is as if he worships idols”.

Rabbi Meir Kahane Hy”d explains the Ramban’s words: “The Torah could not describe idolatry outside of the Land of Israel with the words ‘to transgress His Covenant’ and ‘this abomination has been committed’, because even those who do not literally worship idols outside of Israel are nonetheless as if they do” (Peirush ha-Macabbee, Deuteronomy 17:2-3).

The Targum Onkelos and the Targum Yonatan (Deuteronomy 17:5) both understand that the idolater is to be stoned at the gates of the court-house, which according to the Ramban (as we have seen) applies solely outside of Israel. Rashi unequivocally disagrees with the Targumim: “The Targum, which renders ‘your gates’ as ‘the gates of the court-house’ is mistaken, for as we have learned, ‘your gates’ means ‘the gate in which he worshipped [the idol]’” (commentary to verse 5).

The Sforno gives a magnificent insight into the significance of stoning the idolater precisely at the place where he worshipped the idol: “He is taken to the gate at which he worshipped [the idol] in order to demonstrate that this foreign god who is worshipped there cannot save him”.

This is a truly powerful idea: the purpose of stoning an idolater to death is not merely punishment for his sin, it is the mirror-image of Kiddush Hashem as opposed to hillul Hashem. So to speak, executing an idolater at the self-same location where he worshipped the idol desecrates the name of that idol.

The Name of God is desecrated in this world when He appears to be irrelevant, replaced by impotent idols; the corollary is that His Name is sanctified in this world when His mastery over all His Creation is made clear and unequivocal. That is to say, stoning the idolater to death at the self-same place where he worshipped the idol demonstrates the supremacy of God over the idol.

And this, perhaps, explains a peculiarity in the halakhah. The Talmud says that “one who worships an idol is stoned at the gate where he worshipped it; but in a city where the majority are idolaters, he is stoned at the gate of the court-house” (Ketuvot 45b); and the Rambam brings this as practical halakhah (Laws of Sanhedrin 15:2). The Ramban’s view that the idolater is to be stoned at the gate where he worshipped the idol in Israel, and at the gate of the court-house outside of Israel, is a parallel idea.

If the purpose of executing the idolater is to sanctify the Name of God, then executing a Jew in full public view of non-Jewish idolaters would be counter-productive: for idolaters to see Jews executing other Jews would inevitably desecrate the Name of God. But when the majority of the city are Jews, then executing a Jewish idolater in public is the greatest public display of the mastery and sovereignty of the One true God.

Parshat Shoftim 5774

3 Elul 5774
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

Parashat Shoftim - The Jewish State - Rabbi Meir Kahane

Judges and officers shall you appoint in all your cities – which Hashem your G-d gives you – for your tribes; and they shall judge the people with righteous judgment. (Deut. 16:18)

When you come to the Land that Hashem, your G-d, gives you, and possess it, and settle in it, and you will say, “I will set a king over myself, like all the nations that are around me.” You shall surely set over yourself a king whom Hashem, your G-d, shall choose... (Deut. 17:14-15)

It shall be when he sits on the throne of his kingdom, he shall write for himself two copies of this Torah in a book, from before the Kohanim, the Levites. (Deut. 17:18)

The Jewish government, the king and the police apparatus were mainly intended to run the Jewish State as a theocracy in accordance with G-d's mitzvot. Regarding the verse, “Appoint yourselves judges and police [officers] (Deut. 16:18), R. Eliezer ben Shamua says (Sifri, Shoftim, 144), “If there are police, there are judges. If there are no police, there are no judges.” The intent is clear: If there are police to enforce the judge's Torah rulings, then the judges' word will endure. Otherwise, it is as though there are no judges. Their rulings are then nothing but a farce. In essence, G-d commanded that there be governmental coercion so as to ensure that the people follow G-d's path. G-d scornfully cast off of Himself and of us the alien non-Jewish opposition to “religious coercion”, opposition that is nothing but rebellion against G-d and His decrees. Sefer haChinuch wrote (Mitzvah 491): To appoint judges and policemen who will coerce mitzvah observance and restore to it by force those who have strayed from the truth. They will command regarding what is appropriate to do and will prevent unsavory acts from occurring, and they will uphold punishments against violators until people cease to relate to the mitzvot and prohibitions according to how they personally interpret them. This concept stands in absolute opposition to the alien culture and to the licentiousness and abominations at its core.

The non-Jews worship many idols and follow many alien cultures, all of them false; and even looking from their point of view, we cannot tell who and which of them they consider “truth”. Therefore, with them there is certainly a need to follow the majority, since they lack any clear truth. This is why the system of majority rule was created. For Jacob, however, there is only one truth, and it does not matter whether the whole world differs with it, because it is impossible to decide against the truth. Even if, to our great chagrin, most of Israel choose falsehood over Torah, that does not matter, since Jacob already has the truth. Thus, it is explicit that among Israel there is just one viewpoint, that of Torah; and even if a majority of the Jewish People differ with it, their view is considered deviant and is discounted. A great rabbi once gave a reason for this: The law is that we do not follow the majority when there is testimony for the opposing view; and since Israel saw the Sinai Revelation with their own eyes, confirming G-d's existence, no majority in the world could decide anything against this testimony (SeeTorah Shlemah, Shemot, 23, se'if katan 38). R. Chama's comment[...] - “If one of them sins, it is attributed to them all” (Midrash HaGadol, Shemot, 1:5) - ...] serves to establish the other side of the rule that there is one truth, and not two. Not only must the righteous minority not surrender to or tolerate the erring majority, but they have a duty to protest against them. Not only must they not accept their viewpoint, but they must also demand that they correct their error and accept G-d's viewpoint. The mutual responsibility which exists among the Jewish People requires every Jew to share in the fate of his fellow; and if he does not protest the sins of the individual, let alone those of the community, he, too, will be punished.

[Regarding “You shall surely set over yourself a king whom Hashem, your G-d, shall choose...” (Deut. 17:15)] Rambam wrote (Hilchot Malachim 1:3), “Initially, a king is appointed by the Sanhedrin of seventy-one following a prophetic decree.” Initially, such is the law, but if in certain circumstances it proves impossible, then we satisfy our requirement of a regime to ward off licentiousness and enemy attack via a president rather than a king – without a Sanhedrin or prophet. Rambam taught (Ibid. 1:8): If a prophet appointed a king from another tribe [rather than Yehudah], and that king followed the path of Torah and mitzvot and fought G-d's battles, he is a king, and all the mitzvot of the monarchy apply to him, even though the main monarchy is through David. Thus, even when there is no Davidic dynasty for whatever reason, we still continue with a monarchic regime, rule by one man. [And further,] even when there is no prophet or Sanhedrin, there clearly remains a need for a one-man regime, a single leader, a president, and not the utter chaos of dozens or hundreds of representatives and parties, every one of which tries to extort money and power, leaving the county paralyzed while they try to reach agreement on matters of paramount importance. Presumably, the appointment must approximate the ideal format, in that it should be implemented by a court of the great rabbis of the generation. This is clearly the type of regime that G-d desired; and when there is a prophet and Sanhedrin, then together with the king who stands at their head, they comprise a Torah regime of “one leader to the generation, not two.”

The king or ruler is obligated to view himself as G-d's representative to herd His holy flock, Israel, and to conduct himself with them in ways that will be beneficial to them, and all in accordance with the ways of the Torah, as I have written. He must listen seriously to their complaints. The ruler must conduct himself with humility, as a servant of the people, yet he must know that he is king or president, G-d's representative not only to defend the Jewish people, but also lead and direct them on the path they must follow. He must fear no man and be deterred by no one, and he must not try to curry favor with the people or flatter them. Of this it says, “Do not flatter the land in which you live” (Num. 35:33). Rather, where necessary, he must take a staff and smite their skulls. Then G-d will be at his side.

Clearly, the government's whole worth is solely as a means towards the proper running of G-d's state. It is inconceivable that there could be any valid authority to a government that does not conduct itself this way. The monarchy, or whatever government there may be, was intended only to fulfill the Divine mission assigned it by Divine decree. Thus, all the rights and authority of Jewish governments stem solely from the Torah. A Jewish government must not resemble any regime of the nations, because the government, state and people, themselves, were created only to obey G-d. Rashi explains (Sanhedrin 49a, s.v. Achin veRakin): “If the king sets out to nullify Torah pronouncements, we do not heed him.”

[As Rabbi Kahane explains in Peirush HaMaccabee – Devarim, Parashat Shoftim:] "Judges and officers shall you appoint in all your cities... and they shall judge the people with righteous judgment." (Deut. 16:18) The Sforno writes: “After the mitzvot which apply to the masses [the three pilgrimage festivals, at the end of the previous Parasha] the Torah gives the commandments which apply to their leaders, who are the kings and the judges and the Kohanim and the prophets. As long as they act properly, the masses, too, will behave properly; but if they are corrupt - then they will corrupt the masses.” We learn from this that the way to a just and proper society does not depend upon the method of government – that is, a specific political or economic idea – but rather the essence and nature and quality of the people who are the society's leaders. If the judges are just, then a fair and just society will be created; and if they are corrupt, then society as a whole will be corrupted; whatever its form of government or its ideology.

[Rabbi Kahane also refers to this in “Why be Jewish”: ] It is illusion to believe that one can make a people better by [just] changing the form of government. No change in the system of society will make that society better, for there is no such thing as “government” or “society”. There are only the individuals who comprise the government or the society and the whole is nothing more than the sum of its parts. If the parts are rotten and corrupt, the whole must emerge the same. If the people are selfish and egotistical, society will emerge the same, regardless of the form of government that it uses. An ugly world will never be made beautiful by attacking the symptoms. It is man himself who must be changed and made better. Then and only then can the world which he makes up become better, too. The holiness of the human being guarantees the holiness and beauty of his world. Even if this is a long and difficult process, it is the only way. Of such things did the rabbis say: “There is a long way that is short and a seemingly short way that is in reality long.” And how does one change man's natural inclination to be selfish? “The commandments were given to Israel to purify people”. Here is the way the Almighty, creator of man who knows all of his workings and ways, knew that man could be brought to holiness and purity. The mitzvot, the commandments – they are the way, the only way. “And you shall fulfill all my commandments, and then shall you be holy unto your G-d."
[Source: compiled by Tzipora Liron-Pinner from Rabbi Meir Kahane's "The Jewish Idea", Perush HaMaccabee" on Shemot and "Why be Jewish"]